What Is Abstract Art?

                                                                                              By Brad Bell

         Many people enjoy viewing art.  Abstract art may be a form of art that is especially interesting, regardless of whether it is simple abstract art or complex abstract art.  What is abstract art?  Below is one definition of abstract art:

Abstract Art Definition:

Abstract art can be defined as a form of imaginative art that does not depict something that exists in reality.

Characteristics of Abstract Art:

      To provide greater clarity about the nature of abstract art, it would be important to include some ideas about the characteristics of abstract art.  It seems that there are at least three characteristics of abstract art.  First, it seems that abstract art can be characterized as reflecting significant novelty.  The abstract artwork may be interesting partly it is something we have not seen before.   Second, there may be a holistic quality to abstract art that reflects a perception of the artwork as a whole.  This holistic quality may not be explained simply by an evaluation of the features of the abstract artwork.  Third, abstract art may reflect some degree of complexity.   This may reflect that abstract art contains a number of elements.