What is Unity?
                                                              By Brad Bell

        Unity is an important concept.   Unity is a word that may be used in a number of contexts.   There may be a number of definitions of unity.   What is unity?   Below is one definition of unity.

Unity Definition:

Unity is the experience of being united.  Unity can be described as a feeling of oneness with people in general. 

Unity Examples:

          The feeling of oneness with people in general may reflect that there is a perceived commonality in one's purpose in life.  For example, most people may share a common purpose to find happiness and meaning in life.   Also, this feeling of oneness may reflect that one's self-concept reflects to a significant degree a feeling of identification with people in general.  This may be described as a universal identity.  However, this sense of universal identity does not imply that a person identities with all people. People may not identity with certain individuals, but still have a general sense of unity with people.   In my utopian novel, A Bright Purple Sky, (Bell, 2019), there is information on universal identity.


Bell, B.  (2019).  A bright purple sky.  Portland, Oregon:  Blue Fox Communications.