Collaborative Art at Work

                                                              By Brad Bell

          An office may look better by displaying art on the walls.  It may be a good idea to allow some employees to create art that would be placed on the walls of the office.  Employees could collaborate on the art project.   Collaborative art projects at work may be beneficial for a few reasons.


         There could be a problem with teamwork in some companies.  Working on a collaborative art project may help to foster greater teamwork at work.  Employees may learn the value of cooperation.  They may see how collaboration can be beneficial.


          Employees may wish to be creative at work.   Working on a collaborative art project at work may allow employees to express creativity.  Creativity can be considered one of the elements of art.  Expressing creativity at work may foster greater meaning in one's work.

Organizational  Identification 

          There may be a problem with organization identification in some companies.   Organizational  identification reflects the degree to which a person’s sense of self is associated with being part of an organization.  Working on a collaborative art project at work may foster greater organizational identification because the self-expression involved in the art project may be associated with being part of the organization.  An employee may feel that who he or she is as a person is linked to being part of the organization.