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                                   What Is Creative Intelligence?
                                                       By Brad Bell

   There may be a number of different types of intelligence.  One of the possible types of intelligence may be creative intelligence.  It is important to define creative intelligence.  What is creative intelligence?   Below is one possible creative intelligence definition: 

Creative intelligence is the ability to develop original ideas and products that are valuable.

The above definition of creative intelligence suggests that creative intelligence involves developing products or ideas that are both valuable and original, and simply developing original ideas or products is not sufficient.  For example, a person could write a book that is highly original, but it may not be comprehensible, and thus it may not be viewed as valuable.  In contrast, a scientist could develop a new theory of human behavior that many other scientists view as an important contribution to science.  This new theory of human behavior could be viewed as reflecting creative intelligence.  Also, a person could develop a product that has little practical value and consumers may not be interested in buying the product.  In contrast, another person may develop a new product that many consumers wish to buy because the product is practical.  This new product that is valuable could be considered to be a reflection of creative intelligence.